Protests In Hong Kong Continue, Remain Peaceful Throughout The Weekend

Protesters supporting both Hong Kong and China square off outside the Broadway City Hall Sky Train station in Vancouver on Aug. 17 2019

'We have no other choice': Tens of thousands in Hong Kong join anti-government rally

The directive comes as anti-government protests in Hong Kong threaten the status of the Asian financial hub.

Some activists had apologized for the airport turmoil and on Sunday night protesters could be seen urging others to go home peacefully.

"I feel that our freedoms are being stripped away, and that the police. won't even let us come out in protest over that", Cheung said.

Anger has been sharpened among protesters by the perceived heavy-handedness of the police, who have used tear gas, baton charges and rubber bullets in incidents that have gained wide attention on social media.

One protestor, who declined to give her name, said she felt the suspended extradition bill was fair because it applied to crimes that carried sentences of seven years in prison. They called the violence while Hongkongers were exercising their basic rights "unacceptable".

The two groups lined opposite sides of Granville Street outside the Chinese consulate, with those supportive of Beijing on the side of the consulate, and those supportive of Hong Kong's protesters on the other side of the roadway.

The anti-extradition protests that have gripped the city since early June are making five key demands of Lam's administration: the formal withdrawal of planned amendments to laws that would allow extradition of alleged criminal suspects to face trial in Chinese courts; an amnesty for arrested protesters; an end to the description of protesters as rioters; an independent inquiry into police abuse of power; and fully democratic elections.

"If this continues, it's not a matter of whether or not people would still want to come to Hong Kong, but whether they would still want to be on your airline", Kang Hui said in a one-minute video.

"If you ask me, I personally hope there will be a quick resolution to this from the government so we don't have to protest any more".

Hong Kong police have been accused of excessive force after firing tear gas into a crowded subway station, and after an officer allegedly shot a beanbag in the eye of a woman, believed to be a volunteer medic, who could now lose her eye.

Though police did not approve an application for a march following the rally, locals defied the ban and spilled onto the streets nonetheless.

Sixty-year-old Helena Wong, a member of the city's unicameral legislature, the Legislative Council, said at the rally that the Hong Kong government must respond to the protesters' demands.

Vancouver Police put more officers onto the streets on Saturday afternoon as tempers flared at competing pro-Hong Kong and pro-China demonstrations.

The spiralling violence, which last week saw protesters paralyse the city's airport, has tarnished a campaign that had taken pride in its peaceful intent and unpredictability - which demonstrators have tagged with the slogan "Be Water".

The Chinese Communist Party's official People's Daily newspaper warned again in an editorial on Monday that hostile foreign influences were inciting the protest movement.

More directly, President Donald Trump could simply issue an executive order suspending Hong Kong's special trading status with the United States, a move that could have a devastating effect on the local economy at a time when Beijing and Washington are engaged in a bitter trade war.

Canada has about 300,000 citizens living in Hong Kong, the ministry has said. "I think it's a very hard thing to do if there's violence".

On Sunday, organizers claimed 1.7 million people marched peacefully in the city despite rising unrest and stark warnings from Beijing.

The central government has sought to deepen integration between the mainland and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and nearby Macau, a former Portuguese-run enclave which returned to China in 1999.

On Friday, Cathay Pacific announced the shock resignation of CEO Rupert Hogg after the carrier was excoriated by Beijing because some staff supported the pro-democracy protests.

Cathay also fired two pilots for taking part in the protests. Jeffries analysts wrote in a note on Monday that it maintained its "buy" rating on Cathay and that it expected the company to remain profitable.

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