Protest in Vancouver mirrors Hong Kong as opposing sides face off

Hong Kong protests continue as organizers call for peaceful rally

Protesters gather in Hong Kong for anti-government rally

A pro-democracy protester holds eggs as he plan to throw them to the police station during a protest march in Hong Kong Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019.

While police granted approval for the rally, they didn't approve an accompanying march.

Water cannon trucks were kept on standby as pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong marched through the dense city centre after assembling at Victoria Park in Hong Kong on a rain-soaked Sunday afternoon, reported South China Morning Post.

People are streaming into a park in central Hong Kong for what organizers hope will be a peaceful demonstration for democracy in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. He said he has asked for police support to keep the peace.

"The police are doing things that are totally unacceptable", said Yim, who like numerous protesters gave only one name. A spokesman for China's ceremonial legislature condemned statements from USA lawmakers supportive of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, as more protests were planned Sunday following a day of dueling rallies that highlighted the political divide in the Chinese territory. Beijing has turned the screws on Hong Kong's businesses, pressuring them to toe the line and condemn the protesters.

Tang said he's hoping Canadians will reach out and ask the prime minister to do something about the human rights situation in Hong Kong, including for Canadians that are detained there.

But Hong Kong's police force are under intense pressure, stretched by flashmob protests and criticised for perceived heavy-handed policing including the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and beating demonstrators, incidents that have pinballed across social media. "We want to show that we aren't like the government".

A spokesman for China's ceremonial legislature has condemned statements from US lawmakers supportive of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement. You Wenze called the statements by senators and Congress representatives "a gross violation of the spirit of the rule of law, a blatant double standard and a gross interference in China's internal affairs".

You did not mention any specific lawmaker or comments, but numerous US senators and Congress members, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have affirmed the USA commitment to human rights and urged the Hong Kong government to end the standoff.

A former British colony, Hong Kong was returned to Beijing in 1997 under the framework of "one country, two systems", which promised residents certain democratic rights not afforded to people in mainland China. "They are hurting citizens, they aren't protecting us".

Aside from Lam's resignation, demonstrators are seeking complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, a halt to descriptions of the protests as "rioting", a waiver of charges against those arrested, an independent inquiry and resumption of political reform.

The 20-year-old says the inclement weather will not deter them.

Thousands of protesters demonstrated across Canada in solidarity with the Hong democracy movement on Saturday.

People in the city of Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, said on Sunday (August 18) that they thought China's paramilitary presence in a stadium there would only be called as a last resort.

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