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Chrome OS 76 introduces new features for work and even for play

Chrome OS Update Includes New Media Control Menu and Updated...

Android-style media controls via a notification in Chrome OS 76. This document will also be available via the About page in Chrome OS Settings if you wish to view it at a later time. In addition to left-click, you can now right-click, double-click and click and drag, making it easier to be efficient and productive on your Chromebook. In addition to a touchpad or a connected mouse, the feature can be used with head tracking as well.

Google is calling these Virtual Desks, but it's your typical virtual desktop feature that many people use every day and it has finally come to Chrome OS.

At launch, portrait mode is available exclusively on the company's Pixel Slate, though Google says it plans to bring the feature to other Chromebooks in the future.

But now, Google is going to be more proactive in alerting Chromebook users about the changes in each release. "In response to your feedback, it's now easier for you to check and clear notifications from Play Store apps on your Chromebook", Google writes. Yay! Similar to the virtual desktops feature in Windows, the "Virtual Desks" feature in Chrome OS 76 lets users create up to four desks for enhanced productivity.

Here you'll see all of the tabs or apps on your Chromebook that are playing audio tracks and you can control them from the notification.

A fix for volume button orientation on Chrome OS-powered 2-in-1s was also supposed to make the cut in Chrome OS 76, but based on the most recent developer comments on the related bug, it may have been "punted" to the next release - we'll have to see when it lands.

Google's certainly got its tongue firmly planted in its cheek with that jab at Microsoft, but the message is clear: Windows is an out-of-date and sometimes unreliable operating system, while Chromebooks (and the Chrome OS operating system they run on) offer a more modern experience, free from the frustrations of Windows laptops. While there are a few holdouts, other devices should get the update in the coming days.

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