Russian Fighter Jets Chase Away NATO Jet Approaching Defense Minister's Plane

F-18 Fighter Jets

Russian fighter jet chases off NATO warplane approaching plane carrying Russian Defense Minister over neutr...

It reported the F-18 jet based in Lithuania had tried to approach Mr Shoigu's plane, prompting one of two Russian SU-27 fighter jets accompanying to ward it off.

The Russian Defence Minister had been returning to Moscow from Kaliningrad, and was carrying a TASS reporter on board.

The Russian news service TASS said that one of the Russian fighters had forced the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation approaching aircraft to leave the area, with Shoygu's press secretary posting a video of the encounter on social media. Shoigu had gone to Kaliningrad to attend a ceremony to celebrate the start of construction of a new military academy, according to Reuters. "Once identification of the aircraft had taken place, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation jets returned to base", the official added.

In this video grab taken from a footage on August 13, 2019, and distributed by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, a Russian air force's Su-27 fighter jet, bottom, maneuvers to ward off a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation F-18 warplane over the Baltic Sea. A video released by Russian Federation shows a SU-27 fighter jet bank sharply to the left toward the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation plane, forcing it to maneuver away to prevent a collision.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has provided further details on an incident that occurred over the Baltic Sea a day ago, saying alliance warplanes approached two Russian Su-27 escort jets that were flying without a flight plan and with their transponders shut off.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation frequently scrambles jets to intercept aircraft that fly in close proximity to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation airspace without filing a flight plan, without having turned on their compulsory transponder or without communicating with air traffic control.

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation official said in a statement to Newsweek Tuesday "a Russian aircraft, escorted by at least one Russian fighter jet, was tracked over the Baltic Sea earlier today".

Now F-18 fighters from Spain, JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets from Hungary, and Typhoon jets from the United Kingdom are participating in NATO's long-standing Baltic Air Policing mission.

"Once the (Russian) planes' intention was assessed, the two F-18 fighter aircraft turned left to move away from the intercepted aircraft".

Russia's military continues to fly increasing close to Estonian airspace, leading to concerns over whether the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally's sovereignty was being violated.

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