No Man's Sky patch 2.04 will fix some of Beyond update issues

No Man's Sky Beyond

How to Change Between Third and First Person Camera View - No Man's Sky Next

Fixed a number of crashes on PS4 and Xbox One caused by rendering large textures.

It's not clear from Hello's notes the extent of these fixes for the current crop of crashes, or if further fixes are incoming.

No Man's Sky Beyond is here, the next chapter of Hello Games' epic sci-fi sandbox - and it brings with it a host of incredible new changes, that really shake up the game. But some players are reporting fairly regular crashes on consoles and PC which makes exploring the universe a bit hard.

Fixed a crash affecting unsupported VR hardware. However, with any update of this size there are bound to be issues too. That includes everything from turning the game into a full MMO to complete VR support, with overhauls to pretty much every part of the experience. "Similarly on PC we expect to get changes on experimental on PC very soon after release".

At the moment, this crashing problem seems related to No Man's Sky Beyond's new ambient multiplayer, which has only just been patched in.

Technology trees: Deciding what to do next in No Man's Sky has always been a struggle, but new technology trees give a more clear visual representation of how to unlock new items and recipes. Given the amount of improvements and new features it's adding into the core game, this isn't all that surprising. The Path Finder update in 2017 added new vehicles and base features, and the Atlas Rises update added over 30 hours of narrative. Almost every part of the game has been tweaked in some way, so if you've been holding off heading back in - now might be the time to give No Man's Sky another chance.

I plan on spending a few hours with the game this week to see Update 2.0 clicks with me in a way that the original game did not, but either way, it's incredibly impressive to see a game studio continue to support its game in such a major way with completely free updates years after launch.

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