The New Nintendo Switch Will Have A Different Packaging

The New Nintendo Switch Will Have A Different Packaging

Nintendo files with the FCC for a SNES controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo first announced that its online subscription service for the Switch would include a growing selection of free NES games, Nintendo fans got excited.

That's according to a teardown from Youtube creator Kevin Kenson, which confirms that the new Switch has an updated screen model number, perhaps explaining why tests revealed the screen is both brighter and closer to true light balance in tone. In a new Federal Communications Commission filing, spotted by a member of the Resetera forums, Nintendo appears to have received approval from the government agency for a new Bluetooth controller that looks an bad lot like a SNES controller. Good question. There will be a barcode that will differentiate the previous Switch from the new Switch, but to make it even clearer, Nintendo has now confirmed that the new Switch will come with new packaging to make it even more obvious.

At this point, Nintendo Switch Online features more than 40 NES games, and while some of them are classics, many are completely forgettable. This new controller might signal the arrival of SNES games to the Switch's virtual library, with an accompanying controller letting you relive the days of playing Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid with a familiar peripheral in-hand.

They're.patenting their own snes controllers?

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