Plane Passenger Gets Entire Flight to Himself

However Peone made most of the “private jet” situation and documented the experience

However Peone made most of the “private jet” situation and documented the experience

That's the position director and alumnus Vincent Peone found himself in while flying Delta Air Lines from Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake City en route to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport in the U.S. last week.

A man was treated to his own private jet when he arrived at the boarding gate because he was the only passenger on the flight.

The lucky flyer is even invited into the cockpit to meet to pilots - check it out in the snippet above or watch the full clip here.

When was the the last time you boarded flight and discovered you had your whole row to yourself?

Despite the fact it's just Peone onboard, the Delta cabin crew adorably ham up the theatrics, personalising all commentary and safety briefings, and throwing in a little VIP flare for good measure.

"We're just adding weight to the plane because there are no people", Peone says.

"Good evening, Vincent, and welcome aboard", she said (likely misspeaking, as the flight number shown in the video is a morning flight). We are looking forward to taking care of you today.

While one might expect an airline to simply cancel a flight with just one paying passenger, flights like this usually proceed as scheduled so that the airline can get the plane and its crew to the destination, in order to operate later flights. "If you need any assistance getting settled we're delighted to serve you", the flight attendant says in the video.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Vincent said he made a decision to get the later flight because he wanted to see more of Aspen. "She wasn't sure there was a need to make an announcement but I told her: "Oh please make the announcement" and pulled out my phone".

"Hi Vincent! That looks like an awesome experience!"

Peone's video has been retweeted thousands of times, and it shows his various escapades as the only passenger aboard the flight - from an abbreviated check in process to a personalized welcome aboard the aircraft. "Do the announcement.' Obviously, everyone really enjoyed playing along", he explained to the Washington Post. Thank you for the shoutout, and we truly appreciate you for choosing Delta!

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