Drake mocked over 'tacky' new Beatles tattoo

Drake mocked over ‘tacky’ new Beatles tattoo

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The "Money In The Grave" rapper had The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road photo inked on his left arm and pretty much everyone hates it.

Back in June, the rapper overtook The Beatles' record for the most songs simultaneously listed in the Billboard Hot 100's Top 10, which the group held for the past 54 years.

Last week, Drake got a little creative when he found out that he had passed The Beatles in terms of all-time Top 10 finishes on the Billboard Hot 100. Drizzy leads the pack, while the four band members walk behind him in a single-file line down the crosswalk on Abbey Road in London.

Fans took to social media to criticize Drake's tattoo, claiming the artist's choice to compare himself to the group was "tacky and cocky" and that he has only achieved his hit success through collaborations with other artists.

Not only did Drizzy call out the feat in his song lyrics ('I got more slaps than the Beatles, ' he rapped in this year's track Going Bad), he also got a tattoo of the Beatles in their iconic procession from the Abbey Road album cover-with a likeness of himself walking ahead of them and waving.

Drake clearly thinks he has a ticket to ride with the Beatles, and Twitter is not having it.

Fans - even Drake fans, for that matter - aren't exactly applauding the rapper for the tattoo. "Narcissistic tattoo. If people remember a Drake song in 50 years we will gladly eat our words", said another.

Another described it as "mad disrespect", while another criticized the ink and Drake's "massive ego".

"Drake really thinks he's more influential than THE BEATLES. the clownery".

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