DJI - Say Hello to Osmo Mobile 3

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is a revolutionary phone gimbal that folds into a super compact size

DJI's Osmo 3 smartphone gimbal has a travel-friendly folding design

Nearly three years after releasing the Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilizer, DJI has revealed the third generation rig - and this one can be folded down for transport in a backpack, or even a pocket. kind of.

The redesigned form no longer obstructs the charging and audio ports, allowing for easier charging of the device or better connectivity for external mics. Currently, there's no information on when the Osmo Mobile 3 will make it into Malaysia.

For a device that was already the top pick in its category, the Osmo Mobile 3 is damn impressive. After shooting, the app automatically generates a short edited video, ready to be shared instantly. For starters, you get access to gesture control, which lets you use gestures to snap photos without needing to push a button.

Alongside the new folding design, the Osmo Mobile 2 is chock-full of features you've come to expect from a DJI product via the DJI Mimo app. Control this 3-axis gimbal with a single hand, or try out Gesture Control.

ActiveTrack 3.0: DJI's image recognition and deep learning algorithms allow Osmo Mobile 3 to recognize and follow subjects of your choice, ideal for capturing family moments easily with a tap.

Sport Mode: Similar to the useful feature from the DJI Ronin series, Sport mode increases the response speed of the device to keep up when shooting fast-moving scenes.

TimeLapse & MotionLapse: With MotionLapse, users can add the dynamic element of movement to the Timelapse by setting points for the camera to move to. There's also a Sport Mode, as well as creative modes like Hyperlapse, Panorama, Timelapse and Slow Motion, but that last one only works on iOS devices so far. For $139, the you'll also get a tripod and carrying case.

Slow Motion: Slow down the world around you with 4X or 8X Slow Motion. One of most annoying things with using most conventional smartphone gimbals is that the arm usually obstructs the ports on the right side of the smartphone. The standard edition costs $119 and includes a wrist strap, storage pouch, and anti-slip pads.

You can purchase the Osmo Mobile 3 on DJI's website now in two packages. Additionally, Osmo Mobile 3 is covered under the DJI Care Refresh for an additional €10.

A new standby mode that's activated by pressing the M button three times allows the gimbal to fold up without being fully turned off, so you can go from the compact travel mode to filming in just a few seconds.

Next, DJI revamped the clamp it uses to attach your phone to the gimbal, switching from a horizontal grip to a new vertical mount. Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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