‘TV Santa Claus’ drops tube television sets on Virginia porches


Mysterious man with TV for a head leaves old sets on doorsteps of 60 homes (VIDEO)

A freakish prankster wearing a television on his head has been giving gifts to dozens of Virginia residents - dropping vintage TVs on their porches. To make the occurrence stranger, doorbell surveillance video show a person wearing a TV on his or her head is behind the odd deliveries.

Just like Santa Claus, except this is the worst kind of Santa Claus because the TVs he leaves behind are old.

Neighbors made the surprising discovery on Sunday morning and learned that the mystery prankster left the vintage TVs at more than 50 homes.

"He's committed to his trade", Jim Brooksbank, a resident, told WTVR.

Old CRT TVs mysteriously turning up on the front steps of a bunch of houses one morning in one neighbourhood in a town in the USA state of Virginia?

"I thought my son brought it home, but apparently not", said resident Michael Kroll.

Police officers and county workers later picked up all the sets and took them away.

Back in August previous year, local news station WTVR 6 reported that local residents had awoken to find "dozens" of big, boxy old TVs had been delivered around a neighbourhood in Glen Allen, Virginia.

"At most this seems to be more an inconvenience to the community", said one officer.

"It's summer, and people are getting ready to go back to school", Brooksbank said.

Lieutenant Matt Pecka of the county police told WTVR 6 that multiple TV-headed TV-deliverers were caught on camera and that police were seeking information about what had happened.

This isn't the first time the TV Santa has visited Virginia homes.

Home doorbell surveillance footage in Henrico County captured the weird drop off, as the disguised prankster deposited old TVs to the neighborhood's front porches.

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