The 'salmon cannon' almost breaks the internet, but what is it?

Salmon cannon

VIRAL The video of the system has received over 16million vies within days

But teach the fish to swim up a "salmon cannon" and the internet loses their collective minds - for good reason. Case in point: the salmon cannon.

Even though the innovation dates back to 2011 and this particular viral fish tube video is from 2014, the Internet couldn't stop marveling at it as it is wont to do when it comes to matters involving salmon shooting around.

However, the internet discovered the enigmatic innovation over the weekend - and the shock, awe and curiousness of the creation sent social media into an absolute frenzy.

One Twitter user wrote, "None of their fish friends are going to believe they did this".

While the technology is impressive, it is also undoubtedly hilarious, because come on, fish zooming through a tube is just plain amusing. John Oliver thought so when he devoted a segment of his HBO series Last Week Tonight to the salmon cannon in 2014, enlisting a bevvy of special guests to test it. Thinking there had to be a better way to share the water resources, Whoosh began testing their fruit transport tubes on fish. I wanted to insert myself into the tube and be shot out into a lake. On it goes, for what probably feels like years in fish time but is in reality only a few seconds, until the fish is spat out on the other side of a dam. "It worked, and it was the "a-ha" moment that caused the company to pivot from fruit to fish".

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