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Nike launches a sneaker subscription service for kids

Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers

Kids' sneakers typically retail for $60, so monthly subscribers will save about $10 a pair.

Dubbed "Nike Adventure Club", the latest move sees the brand go after its objectives to become more technology-driven, tackle every day consumer pain points and forge deeper connections with consumers through experiential offerings and pushing causes like sustainability.

Perhaps more importantly for Nike, its kids' sneaker club allows the company to test out the subscription market and potentially apply it to its adult shoppers. Nike said it will either donate or recycle returned sneakers depending on their condition.

Nike Adventure Club is a key initiative for the company.

Nike Adventure Club, which will fulfill its first subscriptions beginning August 12, will either donate or recycle returned sneakers.

If you thought your own sneaker habit was expensive, imagine having to constantly buy shoes for a kid's growing feet.

The program - which will include an "adventure guide" in each box to encourage children and their parents to engage in outdoor activities and exploration - also has a sustainable component.

Bottom line: The program serves kids from sizes 4C through 7Y (roughly from age two to 10). The guides are a collaborative partnership between Nike and KaBoom, a national nonprofit focused on encouraging kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Now Nike has announced it's getting in on the subscription frenzy, but what it's offering isn't as insane as it sounds at first blush.

Companies know that many parents don't have a lot of time to shop for their kids new outfits-which is why subscription services created to make the process more automated and less time consuming are flourishing.

Nike is also hoping to appeal to consumers on a convenience front.

Subscription clubs for clothing, meals and razors have changed the way people shop.

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