Gamers are Xbox Project Scarlett’s first priority

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Microsoft is willing to let Xbox studios make multiplatform games in the future

Rumors have persisted for awhile now that Microsoft is working on a low-priced console to complement its upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.

In an interview with Gamespot, Spencer noted that "playability" will be the driving focus of the console; let's call it the Xbox Two.

Microsoft could be targeting actual 4K 60FPS for games on Project Scarlett.

The new console, which will ship in the 2020 holiday season with Halo: Infinite as a launch title, has been designed from the ground up to represent a "bigger generational leap" than anything that the Xbox has done before.

We have a while to wait before we can finally get our hands on Xbox Project Scarlett, and Microsoft is remaining pretty tight-lipped on details about its next-generation hardware. While you more than likely won't be able to use your original Xbox controller with Project Scarlett, it sounds like you'll be able to use gamepads from the current generation, like the Xbox Elite Controller or controllers you customized through Xbox Game Labs.

Over the last five years, Microsoft has embarked on an era of openness. The company has made a significant investment into first-party studios and are focused on new Xbox exclusives in the future. Backwards compatibility will live on with Scarlett. Spencer gave some insight as to why it is such an important feature for Microsoft.

Booty said: "I think that the question is less binary about, 'should it be on Switch, should it be on PlayStation?' and more, 'does it make sense for the franchise?'"

After all, Scarlett won't be exclusive to 4K UHDTVs-you can plug it into a 1080p display and still play games.

"The thing that's interesting is, this generation, we've really focused on 4K visuals and how we bring both movies through 4K Blu-ray and video streaming, and with Xbox One X allowing games to run at 4K visuals will make really strong visual enhancements next generation".

A Project xCloud demonstration at E3. However, in this case these developers were acquired by Microsoft after development on these games began, and so it remains to be seen if these studios will remain multiplatform for further projects.

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