Galaxy Note 10+ rated display and camera king, but not for long

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is winning awards for its excellent screen and camera system

Swap that 25W charger for a 45W one, and charging times will be further reduced. If that were to happen, the Galaxy S11 or Note 11 might be able to fully recharge a battery in mere minutes or even seconds. And, the South Korean tech giant wasn't kidding.

Another powerful upgrade is the battery capacity, which sits at 4,000mAh in the Galaxy A10s as opposed to 3,400mAh in the A10, so you're getting a lot more power, which should see you through many more hours.

For the Galaxy Note10+, the OLED Hardware Performance has also been significantly improved, for example, with a Record Peak Brightness of 1,308 nits, a 25% Brightness increase in the High Brightness Mode over the Galaxy Note9, providing much higher screen visibility and readability in High Ambient Light. Moreover, the researchers claim the battery temperature can be maintained to up to 60C, a temperature standard maintained by EV batteries.

Graphene - of course - is a so-called "wonder material" that received a lot of hype a few years ago, and its properties make it ideal for use within a battery. It's expected to come with improved cameras and a larger battery but we still don't have any reliable information on that front. However, we have yet to see any of these technologies deployed in smartphones.

Each time Samsung rolls out new models of its flagship handsets, you can consider that the company is positioning them as top-notch cameras that additionally happen to incorporate smartphone functionality. As noted by SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ use the F2FS file system instead of EXT4 that most Android phones use. The 45W charger, meanwhile, will be available as a separate purchase.

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