Chandrayaan-2 to reach moon’s orbit on August 20: ISRO

“On August 20 we will be reaching the moon,” K Sivan said

“On August 20 we will be reaching the moon,” K Sivan said

Sivan also said that Chandrayaan 2 will close the distance with the Moon from August 14.

K Sivan, chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), gave out the details of the plans on Monday and said that Chandrayaan 2 is on schedule.

The 3,850-kg Chandrayaan-2, a three-module spacecraft comprising orbiter, lander and rover, which was launched on July 22, would make a landing on the moon on September 7, the ISRO chief said.

"After launching Chandrayaan-2 on July 22, we did five maneuvers".

He said that the spacecraft is now revolving around the earth.

India's maiden voyage to the Moon is firmly on track and Chandrayaan 2 is expected to be around Earth's permanent natural satellite on August 20.

On the science front, this mission aims to further expand the knowledge about the moon through a detailed study of its topography, mineralogy, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics and atmosphere, leading to a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the moon, the space agency had said. Known in the scientific parlance as the trans-lunar ion, the lunar craft will be navigated out of its present earth-centric orbit and made to travel straight towards the moon by firing the fuel in its engine by around 3.30 am.

India's second lunar probe Chandrayaan-2 will begin its journey straight towards the moon from early morning tomorrow. "Subsequently, we plan to perform a series of manoeuvres around the moon", he said. "This is for the first time we are going to have this mission", he said. It's a small satellite launcher.

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