Brazil's Bolsonaro dismisses Germany's move to freeze €35M over Amazon deforestation

Totes Albatrossküken mit verschlucktem Plastik

German minister prepares law to ban plastic bags

Germany's top aid official says he has no plans to stop financing projects meant to protect the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, despite another German government ministry's decision to put other funds on hold.

Reuters reports Germany is planning to ban the use of plastic bags.

"They can use this money as they see fit. Brazil doesn't need it", he said.

German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze The EU will outlaw certain single-use plastic products such as straws, forks and knives from 2021, but has allowed transition times for others.

"The policy of the Brazilian government in the Amazon raises doubts as to whether a consistent reduction of deforestation rates is still being pursued", she said.

Deforestation in the Brazil's rainforest surged 67% in the first seven months of the year, according to Brazil's space research agency, though the government has claimed the data is unreliable and misleading.

According to O Globo newspaper, the decision concerns only funds destined to new projects financed by the Ministry of Environment. But Bolsonaro suggested when commenting on the matter that this won't to be a blow to his country.

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