Jeffrey Epstein's manner of death 'pending further information,' coroner says

Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier and convicted sex offender

Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier and convicted sex offender

Online theorists Saturday quickly offered unsubstantiated speculation - including some retweeted by President Donald Trump - that Epstein's death wasn't a suicide, or it was faked.

That chatter picked up on the conjecture that resurged after Epstein's July 6 arrest on allegations that he orchestrated a sex-trafficking ring created to bring him teenage girls.

Epstein was being held on child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges after he was denied bail. He had pleaded not guilty and was awaiting trial next year. According to Politico, both the president and former president had flown on Epstein's private planes.

Others theories, however, have been easily debunked. This allowed Epstein to plead guilty to Florida state charges of procuring a minor for prostitution, for which he served 13 months in jail.

News reports Epstein "was in his cell but not on suicide watch at the time of his death".

Attorney General William Barr said he was "appalled" to learn of Epstein's death, and announced the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department's inspector general's office will investigate his apparent suicide.

A source who wasn't authorized to speak on the record told Reuters that Epstein was found "hanging by his neck". Some online commentators described it as a "murder attempt".

"Men in high places want Epstein dead", one Twitter user wrote. But he was taken off the watch at the end of July and therefore wasn't on it at the time of his death, the person said.

Trump, who rose to conservative prominence by falsely claiming Obama wasn't born in the USA, retweeted unsubstantiated claims about Epstein's death. "Because the public has a right to know, I'm calling for a congressional investigation. The ME's determination is pending further information at this time".

Other politicians also took to social media to question the circumstances. An additional federal investigation was launched Saturday after the Federal Bureau of Prison said Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell at a high-security jail in Manhattan.

"There are vacant positions at every federal prison in the country".

Michael Coudrey, a conservative commentator, suggested in a tweet that at the time of Epstein's death there was an alleged "camera malfunction", without giving more details on the credibility of the information.

"Who was watching? What does camera show? We can not confirm rumors as to his cause of death, and we trust that the United States Attorney's Office and the United States Marshals will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of this tragedy".

Giuffre, in an interview with The New York Times, said she's grateful Epstein will never harm anyone again, but is angry that there would be no chance to see him answer for his conduct. Williams alleged that for Epstein to die by suicide indicated "somebody not doing their job, or somebody got paid not to do - not to do their job, so somebody can get knocked off, so information don't come out" and compared it with to the 1994 suicide of White House aide Vince Foster that conspiracy theorists have long blamed on the Clintons. The reporting and new attention led to the resignation of Trump administration Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who negotiated the plea agreement when he was the U.S. attorney in Miami.

Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) on August 10 called for the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to "begin its investigation" into why Epstein got a lenient plea deal in 2008 when he was sentenced to 13 months and was allowed to work from his Palm Beach office.

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