Bear breaks into Colorado home, escapes like 'Kool-Aid Man'

A bear busted through the wall of a home

A bear busted through the wall of a home"like the'Kool-Aid Man" to evade police capture the department said

A bear busted through the wall of a home "like the "Kool-Aid Man" to evade police capture, the department said.

A bear that had broken into a home Saturday in Estes Park created his own exit when police officers arrived, crashing through a wall and running off.

The bear entered the home near the area of Fall River Road, apparently attracted by a scent, according to a Facebook post from Estes Park police.

Police in Estes Park, a town at the base of the Rocky Mountains, said the bear was probably attracted by the scent of garbage.

Officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife advised residents to routinely close and lock all doors and windows to their homes and vehicles.

CPW officials said bears entered over 35 vehicles and nine homes in the Estes Park area, northwest of Denver, in the 10 days before August 3. "Please do your part to keep bears wild". "Bears are extremely smart, which means we all have to be too", it added.

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