Iran, UAE to hold joint coast guard meeting in Tehran

Iran, UAE to hold maritime security talks amid Gulf region tensions – report

UAE Sends Coast Guard Delegation to Tehran, Mehr Reports

The United Arab Emirates sent a seven-member delegation from its coast guard for a meeting with counterparts in the Iranian capital Tehran, Iran's state-run Mehr news agency reported without citing anyone.

During the meeting, the two sides will discuss issues of mutual interest, including shared borders, nationals' commutes, and illegal traffics, as well as ways for facilitating the maritime connections between the two countries. Officials in the UAE have not commented on the reports. The talks had been off since 2013, but the UAE wants to help calm the crisis and guard its reputation as a safe business hub, Reuters said.

The Tehran meeting "has nothing to do with the recent regional tensions", the official added.

It comes after the confrontation between Iran and the US sent tensions in the Persian Gulf soaring, with American officials blaming Iran for recent attacks on oil tankers off the U.A.E. coast.

The United Arab Emirates is part of a Saudi-led military coalition fighting rebels in neighbouring Yemen.

Mnuchin "argued to Trump that if the sanctions were not again waived as required by law by August 1, the United States would have to sanction Russian, Chinese and European firms that are involved in projects inside Iran that were established as part of the 2015 nuclear deal", the Post said, citing six unnamed officials.

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