Better-than-expected revenues: Twitter rallies on growth in users, revenue

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Twitter's new measure of its user base - monetizable daily active users - was 139 million, compared to 122 million in the same period a year ago. On average, analysts were looking for sales of US$872 million. "A big focus for us over the past year has been to proactively identify content on Twitter that would violate our rules so that we don't require a report".

Average mDAU of Twitter reached 139 million in Q2, compared to 122 million in the same period of the previous year and compared to 134 million in the previous quarter, the company said. "Focusing on our most important ad products and delivering high performing ads will help advertisers launch something new and connect with what's happening on Twitter". Excluding special items, the adjusted profit was $37 million.

Twitter earned 386 million dollars in revenue from worldwide markets, up 12 percent over a year ago, as Japan, the company's second largest market, contributed total sales of 133 million dollars or a 16-percent increase for the quarter. One reason for the softer forecast: Twitter plans to retire some ad formats in coming quarters.

"Health remains our top priority and we are proud of the work we did in Q2".

In the face of mounting scrutiny from regulators and industry critics, Twitter reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings on Friday.

Twitter has turned a profit in seven straight quarters and user numbers have steadily risen in the past two years. That follows a decade of losses, executive reshuffles, layoffs and declining usage.

Dorsey was also pleased with the progress the company is making in combating spammers and other bad actors.

Future sales growth may come from expanding advertising overseas. Just 21 per cent of Twitter's daily users are based in the US, yet 52 per cent of its revenue comes from the country.

A second opportunity is the 2020 USA election.

Trump was found to be violating the first amendment for blocking critics on the network, and he has slammed political opponents from his Twitter account.

Twitter wants us to take away.

The U.S. social media company said the American market continued to be the key source of overall revenue growth, which generated 455 million dollars in Q2, or 24 percent year-on-year. People who use Twitter on a desktop computer rather than mobile tend to be the more serious users who tweet for work - social media professionals, journalists and the like.

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