Forecasters warn Saturday and Sunday will be ‘major scorchers’

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An excessive heat warning is in effect until Saturday night.

Now, don't let the comfortable, calm and cloudy conditions this morning fool you, dewpoints climb to near 70 later today, with high temperatures near 90.

Sunday, July 21 will be mostly sunny and hot, with a high temperature around 97 degrees and a heat index around 102.

While heat-related illnesses are preventable, it can be hard to know when you or someone around you is experiencing one or more. The heat index will rise to a high of 107 degrees.

Russ Wilson splashes water on his face from a fountain in New York, Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

The heat and humidity look to break on Monday.

Temperatures of around 100 degrees are possible in Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Cincinnati.

The race organizers said they were "unable to provide either a safe event experience or an alternate race weekend". Michelle says the heat index - a gauge of how hot it feels outside based on the temperature and humidity - will make it feel like it is closer to 110 degrees on Friday and possibly as hot as 115 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

He declared an emergency Thursday night asking buildings taller than 100 feet to raise their thermostats to 78F.

Heat Stroke is a medical emergency and should be taken very seriously. "The City government is limiting its energy use to reduce strain on the electrical grid, and now private office buildings will also have to do their part".

Another major risk in a heat wave is children or pets getting left hot cars.

Cities are opening cool-down points and extending recreation center hours to deal with the heat.

Such heat can be deadly. Elderly people are especially affected by the heat and need to be checked on. Numerous dead were poor, elderly and lived alone.

Stay indoors if possible.

Paulina Dedaj is a writer/ reporter for Fox News.

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