Cambodia probing where shipments of plastic waste came from

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Joint authorities borke open 83 containers packed with rubbish at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port on Tuesday

While it looked for a short while like Canada's garbage wars were coming to an end, it seems they may have only just begun, as another country is now asking Canada to take back its trash.

Virtually seven dozen birth containers sitting in a Cambodian seaport that had been found to be filled with plastic waste came from the United States and Canada, the Southeast Asian nation's Setting Ministry acknowledged Wednesday.

It follows growing public criticism from East Asian countries over the cross-border disposal of waste, with China banning nearly all imports of foreign plastic waste in early 2018.

Neth Pheaktra said 70 of the containers were shipped from the United States and 13 came from Canada.

Ministry spokesman Neth Pheaktra acknowledged the full weight of the waste repeat in 83 containers in Sihanoukville, the nation's main port, used to be 1,600 loads.

Countries such as Indonesia and Thailand have also started rejecting shipments.

Cambodia will send back 1,600 tonnes of plastic waste found in shipping containers to the U.S. and Canada, an official said Wednesday, as Southeast Asian countries revolt against an onslaught of rubbish shipments. Cambodia banned the importing of plastic waste two decades ago, Mr Pheaktra said.

Fake import documents said the containers held recyclables, but after being scanned in Cambodia they were found to contain nothing but plastic waste, a customs official involved in the operation was quoted by Fresh News as saying.

The shipping containers were discovered on Tuesday in Sihanoukville, once a sleepy fishing village and now an overdeveloped, rubbish-strewn port city on the country's south coast.

Cambodia will furthermore open the blueprint of returning the waste to its worldwide locations of foundation, Neth Pheaktra acknowledged.

Officials broke open the containers on Tuesday after they had been sitting at the Preah Sihanouk global port for some time.

Cambodia already struggles with their own plastic waste domestically, with little public awareness of their plastic crisis and inadequate facilities and infrastructure to deal with it and recycle. He added that any company found to be occupied with bringing within the waste would be fined and brought to court docket.

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