Brady fires back at Twitter user who criticized his Madden rating, speed

The New England Patriots quarterback was given a 96 overall rating in Madden NFL 20, it was announced Monday.

The user didn't lay off, even after the Yahoo Sports NFL account pointed out Brady's achievements in the league.

As the oldest position player in the National Football League, you'd forgive Tom Brady for feeling over the long, hot, monotonous lead-up to a new season.

Tom Brady may be a six-time Super Bowl champion, but he still has time to answer his critics. If those ratings were based on the entire SuperBowl winning team, sure.

After being owned by Yahoo, Matt tried to fire back once again about Brady being slow. If he follows the same schedule as last summer, Brady will take his first snaps at Tennessee on Aug. 17 and then versus Carolina on Aug. 22, before sitting out the preseason finale against the New York Giants on Aug. 29.

Others quickly weighed in, taking Brady's side.

With Brady set to turn 42 in the coming weeks and entering his 20th National Football League season, one would excuse him if he wasn't as enthusiastic about training camp as years past.

Brady seemed to realize that as well, and jokingly tweeted a video that he said he would like to submit to Madden for his speed rating.

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