Theresa May speaks of Brexit frustration in final interview as British PM

Thousands of jobs at risk in event of no-deal: Minister

UK PM contenders say EU will drop Irish backstop for Brexit deal

Tory voters now back Boris Johnson over Jeremy Hunt to be the next Conservative party leader and prime minister by a margin of nearly two to one, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll.

The boost for Johnson comes just days after YouGov poll of Conservative members which also gave Johnson an enormous lead over Hunt, the current foreign secretary.

In a swipe at his rival Boris Johnson, Mr Hunt said he would deliver Brexit "more quickly than the alternative". A rare procedure known as proroguing parliament could be used to stop MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit in the House of Commons. That came as British police opened an inquiry into the leak.

"It is because parliament may try and take a no-deal Brexit off the table altogether and so I think - my commitment is that I think I'm the best person to get a deal and if we get a deal it will be on or around the 31st of October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people about the difficulties".

It had been, she said, "incredibly frustrating" that MPs on either side of the Leave-Remain divide had "got so sort of entrenched that they just were not willing to make that compromise that would enable us to get the majority to get this through".

But the former foreign secretary insisted his comments in the debate had been "misrepresented" and denied withholding his backing.

But in contrast, his opponent Mr Johnson said it was "absolutely insane" to say that Britain is prepared to delay Brexit again. "There are other things - I think I probably actually should have done the TV debates".

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she is still disappointed at her failure to finalize a Brexit deal as she prepares to step down.

Johnson is seen as the best choice for prime minister by 47% of Tory supporters, against 25% for Hunt, and as most likely to beat Jeremy Corbyn at the next election by 61% compared with 19% who choose Hunt.

Mrs May said she had wrongly assumed MPs would be "eager to get Brexit over the line". But also a degree of disappointment because there was more that I wanted to do.

Another expert, David Collins, professor of worldwide economic law at City, University of London and author of Negotiating Brexit: The Legal Basis for European Union and Global Trade, said it appears as though Boris Johnson is poised to become the new PM as he is generally more well liked by the Conservative Party membership and has been more explicit about how he will respond to Brexit.

"They are based on the evidence that men and women up and down this country running businesses, working in businesses, have made it crystal clear to me what that means and I will always represent them", he said.

"On the one hand, some people who'd always campaigned for Brexit, but didn't vote for the deal because they had a particular vision of Brexit and they were sticking firmly to that vision". Major concluded, "If that were to happen there would be a queue of people who would seek judicial review".

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