Suspending Parliament for no-deal Brexit will provoke crisis - Hammond

Former UK PM Major vows legal action to block suspension of parliament

Former British PM warns of Brexit crisis for Queen

"It had been incredibly frustrating that MPs on either side of the Leave-Remain divide had got so sort of entrenched that they just were not willing to make that compromise that would enable us to get the majority to get this through", May said in a BBC interview in 10 Downing Street on Friday.

When quizzed about his Brexit plan, Mr Hunt said prime ministers should "only make promises they know they can deliver".

It is understood one had concerns about the format - half of the audience would be Tory supporters and the other would represent alternate political views.

The cabinet minister said she was backing Jeremy Hunt in the leadership race.

Mr Johnson raised questions over Mr Hunt's commitment to leaving on the Oct 31 deadline, while Mr Hunt criticised Mr Johnson for relying on what he said was nothing more than optimism to win a deal.

Vaz asked the Leader of the Commons, Conservative MP Mel Stride: "Will the government explicitly rule out proroguing parliament to force a no-deal Brexit?".

"I will continue to argue vigorously against a no-deal Brexit". There's no doubt about that, but then sometimes some things I say could be more diplomatic.

John Major warned aspirant successors of Theresa May that forcing a "no-deal" Brexit by suspending parliament would drag Queen Elizabeth II into a "constitutional controversy", as she would be advised by the prime minister to call for elections, a request that she has no constitutional mandate to reject.

"I sacrificed my job in order to try to get a deal. That's why I'm being honest with people about the difficulties".

Mr Farage stressed that outgoing ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, drawn from the officially neutral Civil Service which serves as something of a permanent standing bureaucracy in the United Kingdom, had been no impartial official, but was a "fanatic for building the European project and the new global order".

But the former foreign secretary insisted his words during a televised leadership debate had been "misrepresented". But Mr Hunt said Britain should "back our diplomats all over the world".

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