Saddle Up For Lil Nas X's New 'Old Town Road' Remix

Southern Illinois’ Mason Ramsey featured in ‘Old Town Road’ remix

Mason Ramsey is in the"Old Town Road remix with Lil Nas X Bill Ray Cyrus and Young Thug

A couple of hours after he fired off the above tweet, Lil Nas X - real name Montero Lamar Hill - tweeted: "Ok mariah carey lets get this remix in" which, at this point in 2019, could honestly end up happening.

Young Thug and Mason Ramsey were genius choices for the song's third remix.

Young Thug made the hip hop to be stronger than ever. Country music fans decide what they like. The only downside, really, is that Mason doesn't actually yodel in this remix. Mason Ramsey's meme-ability prevails alongside Lil Nas X's. The new album artwork that features 4 horses to represent the new artists. The new song is a remix of the original remix with country star Billy Ray Cyrus. "To me, my most defining moment in the country was being joined by George Jones and Loretta Lynn on my self-penned 'Country Music Has the Blues, '" said Cyrus. Still, an artist of his caliber in the hip-hop genre at least somewhat paved the way for Lil Nas X's hit to become so popular. From Walmart to Billboard charts.

Lil Nas X took the concept Thug started and perfected the formula with "Old Town Road" and his latest EP "7".

Only two songs have outlasted 14 weeks atop the Hot 100, and both topping the charts for exactly 16 weeks.

With the way things are going, there's a solid chance Lil Nas X will hit the magic number too.

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