Kelly Investigation Uncovers Over 20 Underage Sex Tapes

R&B singer R. Kelly center arrives at the Leighton Criminal Court building for an arraignment on sex-related felonies in Chicago

R. Kelly's inner circle turned over sex tapes to feds: report

R. Kelly has been arrested, again.

The new 13 count indictment includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

According to TMZ, Kelly is back behind bars now, due to "in large part his own inner circle", after "enablers and ex-employees" of the R&B singer made a decision to stop working with the guy, and instead chose to allegedly hand over significant, damning evidence to police. Now TMZ reports that investigators in the Northern District of IL have uncovered over 20 videos of Kelly engaged with minors. The tapes were given to investigators by Kelly's "enablers", those who worked closely with the singer.

R&B singer R. Kelly, center, arrives at the Leighton Criminal Court building for an arraignment on sex-related felonies in Chicago. Prosecutors want him held without bail.

Singer R. Kelly was taken into custody on Thursday by federal authorities, arrested in Chicago on thirteen counts including federal sex trafficking charges, obstruction of justice, producing child pornography, and conspiracy to defraud the USA government.

Kelly was arrested by NYPD detectives and Homeland Security Investigation agents in Chicago after a federal grand jury handed over a 13-count indictment, including four counts of producing child pornography and two counts of receiving child pornography. It also names Kelly's business manager, Derrel McDavid, and another employee. This comes on top of another five-count federal indictment out of the Eastern District of NY and four violations of the Mann Act.

The New York indictment alleges that the criminal acts occurred over two decades dating back to 1999, both in the USA and overseas.

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