Grizzlies' Allen ejected for two flagrants, technical

Grayson Allen's protest had little effect on officials Saturday night

Grayson Allen's protest had little effect on officials Saturday night. More

In the fourth quarter of yesterday's Summer League matchup against the Boston Celtics, Allen was ejected for picking up his second flagrant foul of the game. But context of his well-documented history at Duke of tripping opposing players, coupled with Allen clearly taking exception to a legal back screen from Williams just seconds before the play in question, makes his intent obvious. They deemed the play worthy of a flagrant-one foul.

On the ensuing possession, Allen took a blatant swipe at the head area of Williams. The replay showed that Allen made visible contact with Williams in the head as he drove toward the basket. Interestingly enough, both fouls came within an eight-second span and both were directed towards Boston rookie Grant Williams.

Allen, the 21st overall pick in the 2018 National Basketball Association draft, played last season with the Utah Jazz as a rookie and was part of the trade that sent Mike Conley to Utah.

While the entire basketball world was paying attention to Russell Westbrook getting traded to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, the Las Vegas Summer League action continued on unabated. The behavior prompted many to label Allen as a dirty player and a reputation for having a short temper in games.

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