Tata Motors global sales dip 5 per cent in June

Jaguar Land Rover sales fall again in further blow for car industry

'Guardian-angel' technology can respond to how a driver feels to help reduce stress behind the wheel

The retail sales number for the month of June for Land Rover was down 10.1 per cent.

Settings in the cabin - such as light, air con and music - will change in response to your facial expressions so that stress levels, in particular, are reduced.

Research has found that 74pc of people feel stressed or "overwhelmed" every day, whether at the wheel or in the office.

The mood-detection system will use the latest AI techniques to continually adapt to nuances in the driver's facial expressions and implement appropriate settings automatically. Over time, the system will also reportedly learn some of these habits and behaviors and save these as personalized preferences. Or if the system gets a sense that the driver is feeling too cold, it will automatically raise the temperature on the HVAC system a few degrees.

Felix Brautigam, Rover chief commercial officer, said: "While challenging conditions continue to impact other regions, we were pleased to see sales return to growth in the United Kingdom, where we are outperforming the market aided by higher sales of the new Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar I-PACE and the new Jaguar XE". It had sold 1,00,135 units in June past year.

Jaguar Land Rover is now developing another system which will let motorists earn cryptocurrency while they drive. Designed to create a sanctuary inside each of its luxury vehicles, the manufacturer is trialing a wide range of driver and passenger wellbeing features, to ensure occupants are as comfortable as possible whilst ensuring the driver remains mindful, alert and in control.

It is part of the benefit of new artificial intelligence (AI) technology being developed to better understand and address your mood as a driver - and a passenger.

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