Social media personality Ray Diaz arrested on sexual assault charges

Ray Diaz

Ray Diaz

The Omaha Police Department (OPD) says they've located and extradited a man who's accused of First-Degree Sexual Assault of a child.14 years after he was reported.

She described being abused physically and emotionally while dating Diaz for about a year.

Regardless, he faces some notably serious consequences if convicted, along with the social media firestorm that has already ripped through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook about the videos and alleged abuse clips themselves.

LAPD detectives made the arrest Friday evening with the assistance of San Diego police.

Keem posted a longer version of the clip that showed Diaz yelling at the girl and saying she should "kill herself" and "die". ". It was my fault if somebody would ever have any suspicions that him and I were dating".

The teen and her mother said they have both filed restraining orders with the Los Angeles Police Department, Newsweek said.

Diaz claimed the videos were merely an act. "Currently, the Department has directed a group of investigators to look into these allegations".

On Friday, LAPD named Diaz as the suspect in the case.

Diaz was taken into custody in San Diego by the elite Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section with the help of the San Diego Police Department.

"We thank the public for their outpouring of concern regarding this case".

As for legal proceedings, the actor and social media star's bail was set at $500,000 upon arrival in L.A. and being booked into jail, though it's unclear as of Saturday morning if he's met that bail and whether or not he's been released from prison.

"We are better when we share the responsibility of making sure every member of our community is safe", Moore tweeted.

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