Major fire breaks out at power station in Moscow region

Maxim Grigoyev  TASS

Maxim Grigoyev TASS

The emergencies ministry said that 11 people received medical treatment including five people with minor burns but no one was hospitalised.

A force of over 150 firefighters battled for hours to contain the massive blaze, which covered over ten thousand square feet and threatened to spread to nearby buildings, one of them a dormitory that had to be evacuated.

The gas-powered Severnaya thermal plant in Mytishchi, with the capacity of 1,060 MWt, was put into service in 1992. Russian television reported that the cause of the fire "could have been an explosion". An eyewitness quoted by the RIA news agency said the flames were 50 metres high. At 12:38 PM, first responders reported that the source of the combustion that started the fire had been extinguished. The fire was localized to an area of 800 square meters (8,611 square feet), and at 2:09 PM, Emergencies Ministry employees officially announced that the fire at the pipeline had been eliminated. Russian Deputy Emergencies Minister Ilya Denisov earlier said that the high-pressure pipeline broke, which led to a jet fire. "We saw smoke covering half the sky", she said. Police closed down a major highway next to the fire and limited the traffic down some roads in the nearby city of Mytishchi, connected to the highway. The power station was built at the end of the Soviet era and opened in 1996.

The large plant runs on natural gas, generating heat and electricity for the northern parts of Moscow. The energy ministry said electricity supplies to the public would not be affected and the fire did not damage generation equipment at the station.

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