Driver caught using case of beer as 2-year-old’s booster seat

Ontario cops busted a driver for using beer as a booster seat

Enlarge Image Ontario cops busted a driver for using beer as a booster seat. Ontario Provincial Police

A 22-year-old man from Wellington County has been charged after police allegedly witnessed them using a case of 30 beer cans as a booster seat for a two-year-old child on Tuesday.

Officers pulled the driver over in Kitcher, Ontario after a someone called the police to make an unspecified "traffic complaint".

Police said the beer was still factory sealed in the case.

The driver's creative attempt to fashion an improvised child booster seat earned more than a wag of the finger.

The officer then noticed the toddler, who was 2 years old, sitting on a 30-can case of beer in the passenger seat.

Officers brought a suitable auto seat to the motorist and also notified Family and Children's Services.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation notes the province's Highway Traffic Act requires children under the age of 8 use a certified child vehicle seat or booster seat, with different regulations depending on their height and weight.

"Driver used a case of beer for a booster-seat", cops tweeted, along with a blurred-out photo showing the booze he used.

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