Apple puts AR - VR plans on hold as the company 'readjusts' resources

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A new report by DigiTimes claims that Apple has "temporarily stopped" developing the new technology and it is not clear whether it plans to go back to the drawing board or look for different technologies to achieve its goals with the rumored Apple Glasses.

Still, there's been a long road of reports from reliable sources connected to Apple and it's supply chain that have made it clear that Apple has been actively working on something in the realm of an augmented reality or virtual reality headset. The team that was said to be working on the device was believed to have been disbanded last May, and reassigned to other unspecified projects. With many conflicting reports, we advise you to keep skeptical until something more solid comes up.

ARKit 3, RealityKit and the Reality Composer are other advanced tools designed by Apple to make it even easier for developers to create compelling AR experiences for consumer and business apps. One such application is gaming, and this is best seen in the Minecraft Earth demo Apple and Mojang showed at the recent WWDC. "Using advanced computer vision techniques to find and recognise the position of 2D images ARKit can integrate these real world images into AR experiences", the Cupertino-based giant said. "If Apple released a pair of augmented reality glasses, they would likely work with the iPhone, similar to the Apple Watch when it first launched". However, it appears that the project has been driven into some unknown and unforeseen issues with a report suggesting that Apple "terminated" the building of these glasses.

The second patent for a so-called "Foveated Display" describes how an eye-tracking system monitors where the wearer's eyes are looking at, then relays the information to the AR device which, in turn, will optimize rendering at the exact location where the wearer is looking.

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