Another person arrested for allegedly spitting in and touching ice cream

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Florida woman accused of urinating in ice cream machine

Tampa Bay Times reports that an Asian woman in Florida was seen urinating in an ice cream machine belonging to rival business Lu Lu's Ice Cream Shop.

As a result of these egregious misdemeanors, the woman in question was taken into police custody and charged with tampering and criminal mischief.

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Police say they do not believe Wypcha was under any influence of drugs or alcohol and has yet to release if there was a motivation behind her behavior.

The couple said they were forced to close the store for a day to clean up and they lost $2,000 in damages.

Paul Chiulli and his wife, Beth, are devastated.

Surveillance videos also caught Wypcha picking her nose, sticking her fingers and spitting on ice cream containers.

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Police said Wypcha, who owns the Indian Shores Food Market next door to Lu Lu's, used a shared bathroom to access the ice cream shop on five occasions in June. She then emptied the urine into the sink. One of the owners at Lu Lu's, Paul Chiulli, told WPTV-TV this week that the motivation behind the feud may have been parking spots outside the two stores.

"We didn't even know she was mad, but I'm guessing it's from the parking and us being popular", he said. Moments later, the woman was recorded opening the ice cream freezer and putting her hands inside, before leaving the business, according to an affidavit.

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