Who's the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store?

Watch US Man Tackled in Bagel Shop After Ranting About Dating App Misfortunes                Twitter screenshot

Watch US Man Tackled in Bagel Shop After Ranting About Dating App Misfortunes Twitter screenshot

A NY man who was supposedly deprived of some loving went on a misogynistic tirade at a NY bagel shop.

"Who said that to you here?"

After footage of a short man ranting at customers at a bagel shop went viral, the star of the video apparently proclaimed that he's the "Martin Luther King Jr." of short men.

He then referred the man in the video who tackled him, saying, "That guy, twice my size, that women love - the bullies, attacked me".

The 45-year-old man was then told to calm down by a male patron, at which point, the man turned around and shouted "Shut up".

In a video posted on Twitter Wednesday morning, an irate man in a NY state bagel shop gets tackled and punched by a fellow customer after picking a fight with several people trying to defuse the situation.

"Why is it okay for woman to say "Oh you're 5-feet" on dating sites, 'You should be dead.' That's okay?" the man slams his newspaper on the ground as he speaks. "Everywhere I go I get the same (expletive deleted) smirk, the biting lip".

After the incident at Bagel Boss went viral, the man is said to have appeared on Hot 97, a NY radio station. According to the store's manager, Patty, it all started when a female employee who was serving him, smiled at him, triggering an eruptive response.

When the officer refuses to file harassment charges, he tries to plead his case: "Let me ask you a question".

"You're not God, or my father, or my boss", he yells.

"I just wanted bagels", Reyes can be heard saying. Another person tells the man to be quiet, so the short guy challenges him.

Short-fused Morgan went viral Wednesday when he unleashed a tirade on female patrons at a Bagel Boss in Bay Shore before he was tackled by a larger man. At that time, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made. The shocking footage ends with him getting tackled.

After the scuffle, the angered man left the shop ... without paying for his order - a whole wheat bagel with egg white and Swiss cheese.

In a second video, Morgan tells responding officers that he's "f-king fed up" with people asking him about his height.

"You women need to stop being so fucked up", he says to them. He also accuses a woman of being a "ghetto hoodrat" and appears to get into a physical altercation with her after he claims she cut him in line for the bathroom.

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