The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Has Two Multiplayer Co-Op Modes

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | PS4

The multiplayer horror game puts players in the shoes of a band of divers searching for a rumored World War II shipwreck.

Players can also play solo mode on their lonesome, of course.

Today Bandai Namco and Developer Supermassive Games made a surprise announcement, The Dark Picturer Anthology: Man of Medan will have two online and offline multiplayer modes which add a totally new dimension to the game. Both players will be able to explore and make choices at the same time.

The second game mode is the Movie Night Mode. It's a local experience, so you simply pass the pad to the next player when it's their turn. Trying to survive gets a little more dicey when you co-op partner is making their own decisions behind your back. The party will also get a summary on how each player is now faring.

Players can take the role of each of the five protagonists, the four Americans and the captain of the boat, each with a different perspective. Each player will be assigned at least one of each story's victims (all characters must be assigned a player). Why watch a horror movie with your friends when you can be in one?

While Until Dawn was designed purely as a single-player title, it found life as a secret multiplayer title. "It seemed like the ideal setting for a group of friends to be isolated and unable to easily escape the terror". This is a concept that Supermassive tried to execute in the PlayLink-exclusive Hidden Agenda.

From the creators of Until Dawn, comes The Dark Pictures. Launching this August I had the chance to play it at E3 2019 and came out excited for this new title.

The Dark Pictures Anthology, which opens with Man of Medan this August, is now planned for eight games, with a release schedule of two per year.

We chose Man of Medan as the first instalment in The Dark Pictures Anthology because we were fascinated by the legend of the Ourang Medan and by the various theories people have associated with it.

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