Spinderella Sues Salt-n-Pepa for Unpaid Royalties and More

Salt-N-Pepa Sued by Spinderella for Her Share of the Pie

Salt-N-Pepa's DJ, Spinderella Sues The Duo For "Screwing Her Out Of Millions"

Salt-N-Pepa's DJ, Spinderella, is cooking up a remix that probably goes like this - Whatta Scam, Whatta Scam, Whatta Mighty Good Scam - cause she says the group's been screwing her out of millions.

Spin's filed suit against her groupmates of almost 35 years. claiming the screw job started with their "Best of" album, released in 1999.

Spinderella has filed suit against her groupmates of almost 35 years, claiming that things started getting rocky after she was promised one-third of the royalties for the groups 1999 Best Of album, alleging that she and even got a phone call telling her she would be receiving $125k, only never to receive a dime.

Roper claims she did not receive any notification of the record's existence until she received an "unexpected" telephone call from Sandy "Pepa" Denton in early 2001, saying Denton and Cheryl "Salt" James would pay her $125,000 for the album, but she never received it.

Deidra Roper has accused the pair of short-changing her for years and then firing her, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

Salt-N-Pepa's former sidekick DJ Spinderella is suing the rap duo over alleged unpaid royalties. The report states SoundExchange, the company responsible for the distribution of royalties to artists revealed her groupmates received over $600,000 in the past decade.

The lawsuit also claims that she got fleeced by getting excluded from Salt-N-Pepa's VH1 show (she only appeared as a guest) and was eventually paid less than one third of the group's appearance fee.

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