Spider-Man In Trouble At Marvel; Needs To Hit A Billion Dollars

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Spider-Man In Trouble At Marvel; Needs To Hit A Billion Dollars

Unfortunately certain Marvel properties haven't been so lucky - mostly due to rights issues which kept them from being properly developed by Disney.

Box Office Mojo has the latest report on Far From Home, and it looks like the film is on its way to become one of the highest grossing Spider-Man entries of all time with its latest numbers swinging it ahead of another fan-favorite Spider movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The information comes from journalist Richard Rushfield's entertainment industry newsletter The Ankler.

"If it hadn't, full control would have reverted back to Sony".

Luckily, and rather obviously, the film should have no problem crossing that threshold. Spider-Man: Far From Home has already crossed the $600 million mark worldwide and does not seem to be slowing down, anytime soon.

Of course, it's entirely possible (and likely, based on various statements) that Holland will renew his contract with Marvel and Sony.

Now a fake news anchorman, he shows further footage where Mysterio reveals the true identity of Spider-Man, leaving Peter fearing for his future.

So what this apparently means is that since Spider-Man: Homecoming didn't make a billion, Spider-Man: Far From Home has to make a billion, otherwise a third Spider-Man MCU movie may not get made and Sony can pull out of their contract.

During an interview ComicBookMovie.com, Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts addressed the rumors regarding a future appearance by the Sinister Six and the cut cameo by Anthony Mackie's Captain America.

To this day, writers and filmmakers continuously bring up Spider-Man 2 as one of their favorite superhero films and a source of inspiration. We don't know when the next Spider-film will be released, or if he'll be teaming up with the new Avengers in an upcoming film in the next few years.

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