Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Axes the Headphone Jack

Image Source SamMobile

Image Source SamMobile

There is no denying the fact that this is the real Galaxy Watch active 2, as it looks typical of Samsung's promotional image which displays the device along with the style of branding that will be in use, while also once again confirming the name of the device.

Android Headlines has shared what it described as an "official render" for the smartwatch.

One of the leaked images shows the device and its dimensions illustrated by the multi-coloured arrows. The render also provides a good look at the general style and design of the smartwatch and confirms numerous aspects previously alluded to.

To be clear, if Samsung does indeed launch a Galaxy Watch Active 2, rather than a Galaxy Watch, it will follow the original Galaxy Watch Active, which only launched in February of this year. Besides that, the device's design does look incredibly sleek from the very low-quality pictures above. Unfortunately, one of his complaints, the lack of Samsung's signature rotating bezel, is still applicable for the Watch Active2.

Rumours suggest the watch will be available in three colour options - black, gold, and silver - and will have leather straps and silicone straps. The rendered unit is black, and likely the LTE model. It's located on the side with a red ring. Beyond the design, the Active 2 could offer ECG, Fall Detection, perhaps with some exciting new features.

Although not much else is know about the "Renaissance", it seems nearly certain that Samsung will boost the internals specs of this watch with it getting plenty of extra power, improved battery life and brighter always-on display. While the other two images show both the front and back of the alleged Galaxy Note 10.

There also appears to be a pin-hole microphone on the right, presumably to make and receive calls.

The two versions (LTE and Wi-Fi) are also expected to sport different mAh capacity batteries and as you would expect the greater 340 mAh capacity battery is created to power the more-demanding LTE version.

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