OnePlus TV launch nearing? OnePlus TV remote bags Bluetooth SIG certificate

Oneplus TV

OnePlus remote control spotted, OnePlus TV launch could be coming soon

We've known since mid-2018 that there will be a OnePlus TV launch at some point this year. Thanks to All About OnePlus, a OnePlus remote control that has a model number of RC-001A has been spotted on the database of Bluetooth SIG certification body. It appears that the Bluetooth enabled OnePlus TV remote control will feature a dedicated button for accessing AI assistant. At CES 2019, we sat down with the company and asked about the new product, but it wouldn't confirm anything (not even whether or not the TV will use the long-gone OnePlus invite system).

Oneplus has yet to delve into official details of the OneplusTV, but it did reveal earlier this year that the TV lineup is going all-in on smart features and that the OnePlus TV will be capable of doing numerous things you'd typically rely on your phone for. The listing doesn't come with any images, as usual, so all we know is that it has Bluetooth 4.2 hardware. At the time, OnePlus did not indicate any concrete launch date for its upcoming smart TV. According to current reports, OnePlus TV will act as a smart hub for other appliances apart from being capable of regular smart TV stuff. Tipster Ishan Agarwal has stated in the past that the OnePlus TV will rely on an LCD panel instead of an OLED panel. Apart from this, exact specifications are few and far in between. The OnePlus TV is expected to sport a premium design like the OnePlus smartphones, and it will be powered with its own AI engine.

Prices of the product are also unknown right now.

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