'OMGFFFFGGG': Giddy Billie Eilish releases Justin Bieber remix of 'Bad Guy'

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber working on new music

Billie Eilish | Justin Bieber

Teen pop star Billie Eilish has always been open about her love for Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Eilish has makes no secret of the fact that she's a Bieber megafan.

The best part of this star-powered collab, though, is the photo that accompanies the release: it's a throwback pic of Billie wearing a shockingly sparkly dance costume, in front of a wall plastered with Bieber posters.

With the new "Bad Guy" remix, and the song's current placement on the chart, it is fair to think Eilish's single has a chance to get the same major boost Bieber gave to "Despacito". (Should've gone with lowercase, I guess.) Its biggest hit is opening song "Bad Guy", a minimal banger that accents trap and house music with shades of Lorde and Fiona Apple.

Will this finally be the dark horse to dethrone the Old Town Road remix?

"BAD GUY FEAT. JUSTIN BIEBER OUT NOWWW OMGFFFFGGG ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE MAN" the caption reads. Still, public curiosity alone might yield enough streams to propel "Bad Guy" to #1.

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