Mortal Kombat movie shooting for R rating, will feature Fatalities


Mortal Kombat movie is R-Rated and features fatalities

An allegedly incomplete Mortal Kombat cast list suggests he'll be joined by people playing Kano, Sonya Blade, Raiden, and a new character called Cole Turner. It's going to be as bloody and jam-packed with Fatalities as the video games before it.

Since it's already been stated by other members of the team, I'm gonna put this one to bed.

Russo claims that fatalities will be featured in a MK movie for the first time ever so I can assume that it will be as gory as the finishing moves found in the games.

When the original movie arrived in theaters back in 1995, it was fairly well received. Each of those had a PG-13 rating, which is at odds with the series' flagrant disregard for the wellbeing of its fighters.

Now here is something really cool for all Mortal Kombat fans out there. That's the true identity of Mortal Kombat, and it's something that the upcoming film knows all too well as the latest cinematic adaptation is looking to rip the big screen a new one and find an R-rating within. All we need is a kick-ass director and some hard-hitting action and we'll finally be given the Mortal Kombat movie we were promised a quarter of a century ago. It just saw its first confirmed casting, with The Raid: Redemption's Joe Taslim signing on as Sub-Zero.

Little else of the Mortal Kombat film has been revealed so far, but it begins filming in Australia later this year.

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