How To Play Google's Hidden Tennis Game

Play Tennis in Your Browser with Google’s Fun New Easter Egg

Google hidden tennis game is highly addictive and here's how to find it

The game is pretty simple with fans using the left and right cursor to move their player into the correct position to return the ball.

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Google is known to hide secret games in its various apps and software, like when it hid Snake in Google Maps for April Fools Day, and the tech giant has done the same again by hiding a tennis game in Google Search, to tie in to Wimbledon.

Lest it go undiscovered before the UK's Wimbledon Championships conclude this weekend, Google wants to make sure people know about its tribute to the year's penultimate Grand Slam tennis tournament.

After typing in "Wimbledon", look for the small tennis ball in the search results box next to the "Mixed Doubles" option. Then, in the purple card that appears, scroll all the way to the right, and click (or tap!) on the tennis ball icon to start the game.

Open Chrome on your phone or desktop and type, "Wimbledon Scores", into the Search bar.

Characters appear to be predominantly anthropomorphic, with goats, corgi dogs, bears, bunnies and foxes popping up during our time with the game; astronauts, luchadors, and Google Android's mobile OS mascot also popped up. It's also available when looking for tournaments in years past too, such as when searching for scores from last year's Wimbledon tournament.

It's far from being the first time Google has hidden a mini-game in its search engine. Generally these games are modelleld around current events or festivals.

Data from the reaction-based game could allow Google to extrapolate other information about players' age, cognitive ability, and so on, especially in combination with previously collected details. There's not much to the game itself, but it can get on your nerves because it's deceptively simple but hard to keep playing for long without missing shots, and one missed shot equals "game over".

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