David Fincher, Gary Oldman Team for Netflix Biopic on ‘Citizen Kane’ Screenwriter

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Deadline brings the most righteous word of Fincher's latest endeavor, a long-developing Herman Mankiewicz biopic titled Mank (which sounds like a Tim and Eric riff on Monk, but Fincher's gotta Finch), starring Gary Oldman as the journalist and critic-turned-screenwriter in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Mankiewicz won an Oscar for "Citizen Kane".

David Fincher has jumped on the Netflix bandwagon to direct his first feature film in five years. (His World War Z sequel, for one, appears to be dead.) He's also always been in bed with Netflix, helming the maiden episode of House of Cards and shepherding (and partially directing) the serial killer series Mindhunter. "Mank" is set to keep the Netflix-Fincher partnership alive in a major way.

Nabbing Fincher's next directorial effort is another big win for Netflix, which managed to break into the Best Picture Oscar race for the first time earlier this year with Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma". Now, with a script written by his father, for newspaper writer Jack Fincher, the project has found a home on Netflix. Fincher is the latest high-profile filmmaking auteur to partner with the streaming giant.

Did you know it's been nearly five years since a film directed by David Fincher was released to theaters?

Oldman won the Best Actor Oscar for his leading performance in Joe Wright's "Darkest Hour".

Fincher originally planned for Mank to be his follow-up to The Game, but his commitment to shooting in black and white made it hard to get the film made.

Oldman, who won the Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour" a year ago, has been busy shooting several films including Steven Soderbergh's "The Laundromat", which is also at Netflix; "The Woman in the Window" and "The Courier". During that time, Fincher was in talks with his eventual "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey to play the title role.

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