Selfie addicts flock to toxic pond because the water is pretty

The Latest Instagram Hotspot Is Actually A Dump For Chemical Waste

Instagram users urged to stop taking selfies in toxic Russian pond

Instagram users have been warned against swimming in the body of water, a man-made lake nicknamed the "Novosibirsk Maldives" because its vibrant blue color comes from metal oxides dumped in it from a nearby coal plant, according to recent reports from CNN, The Moscow Times, and Mashable.

The location has become popular on Instagram for its vibrant blue water, which is caused by the metal oxides dumped in it from the plant.

The artificial pond is connected to a coal plant that powers Novosibirsk, a city of 1.5 million people in the Russian province of Siberia.

"In the last week, our ash dump has become a celebrity on social networks", the Siberian Generating Company said last month, warning potential visitors not to drink the water and saying that even "skin contact with the water can lead to an allergic reaction".

A spokeswoman told AFP that the site "isn't poisonous" but has very high acidity.

According to the company, falling into the "ash dump" is the biggest risk in trying to get the flawless selfie. One photographer quoted in the Siberian Times described the water as smelling of "laundry detergent".

"I just enjoy photography", Leo Alexey, who set up a fan account on Instagram called "Novosibirsk Maldives", rode an inflatable unicorn.

"The rash is gone already, but I would not recommend tasting this water", said Alexei Cherenkov, whose photo on a unicorn float was "liked" nearly 400 times.

Unfortunately, the warnings seem only to have attracted more visitors and even a fan account called Novosibirsk Maldives that has collected almost 200 posts from the ash dump's beguiling waters. "Some people even go there for barbecues".

"It was an important date in their relationship and they asked for a photo session there", she said.

Instagram is filled with attractive images of handsome people standing in lovely scenery captioned with attractive, heartfelt words about living your best life.

The Siberian Generating Company has cautioned repeatedly that the site is off limits.

"We know that the lake is toxic and didn't enter the water", said Marina Zheleznova, who went to the dumping ground to do a photoshoot with her partner.

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