'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Corgi Cheddar Has Died

Cheddar Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cheddar From 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Has Passed Away

In truly terrible news, it has been reported that Stewart, the Corgi who played Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has passed away.

Although small in stature, Cheddar has played a sizable role on the police comedy as Captain Holt's cute sidekick.

Peralta, a talented and carefree cop with the best arrest record, has never had to follow the rules too closely or work very hard.

It's clear Stewart left an indelible paw print on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other members of the precinct include Sgt. Terry Jeffords, a devoted family man, Detective Charles Boyle, a hard worker who idolizes Jake, and Rosa Diaz, a sexy-yet-intimidating detective.

They explained their vet then met them on the California beach and Stewart "went to sleep peacefully in my arms".

Stewart's real life pet owner posted on Instagram about the beloved canine's passing.

Fans of the show and the dog have been saddened by the news.

"RIP Cheddar. May he rest in peace with his favourite chew toy", another fan tweeted.

Cheddar has been played by several different dogs during Brooklyn Nine-Nine's run, but Steward held the role the longest. His trainer told Entertainment Weekly that Stewart would "repeat mistakes "over and over again just because he can get the laugh".

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