AT&T becomes first mobile service provider to automatically block robocalls

AT&T turns on automatic robocall blocking for wireless customers

AT&T is Adding Automatic Fraud Call Blocking to Customers Accounts

New AT&T customers will have the feature automatically added to their new accounts, while "millions" of current customers will be notified of the addition "over the coming months". Whether or not the new system will accidentally block legitimate calls also remains to be seen, but as the service becomes more widespread, users can expect to discover more details about the system.

This expansion of our AT&T Call Protect service is made possible by a June ruling at the FCC. Customers will get a text message when the service is added.

Most recently, AT&T announced that it will automatically enable its Call Protect service for users, a move which should alleviate the headache caused by a seemingly endless stream of robocalls.

"When consumers complain to us, they don't distinguish between illegal calls, scam calls, telemarketing calls and spoofed calls", FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in an op-ed for USA Today earlier this year.

For customers who are exhausted of these calls and don't want to wait to get access to the new blocking protection, AT&T says downloading the AT&T Call Protect app will offer this same benefit. Digital Phone Call Protect is available by going into your account settings on myAT&T and turning it on.

The Federal Communications Commission voted last month to let phone companies block robocalls by default even when consumers have not opted in to robocall-blocking services.

AT&T has been working hard to reduce unwanted robocalls. The company has already rolled out a suspected spam caller alert for existing customers, too, and says it plans to add more tools to fight robocalls in the coming months.

Other carriers offer similar options, though AT&T is so far the only to automatically block calls, CNN reported. AT&T says it identifies fraud and spam calls "through data analytics and network blocking, as well as reports from customers".

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