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Even with amateurs ears, it is almost impossible to ignore constant hissing of the tape, the tinny, thin sound, and the clickity-clack of plastic cranks pushing along the easily-warped magnetic strip. But because it is 2019, this portable cassette tape player comes with Bluetooth, of course.

Picture courtesy of NINM Lab shows the Bluetooth-enabled portable cassette player, "It's OK".

A startup in Hong Kong has made a decision to bring back the "Walkman style" from the past by offering a Bluetooth-compatible portable cassette player on the crowdfunding platform. Sales were up by almost 20% YoY in 2018.

For purists, headphones may still be used as the device also comes with a headphone jack, and as a throwback, will run on AA batteries. Ninm has successfully run a retro-tech crowdfunding campaign before, so it has some experience here.

The Ninm It's OK is now on Kickstarter with an early backing price of $75.

Ninm is selling the It's OK for an early Kickstarter price of $75, in either pink, white, or navy blue colors (the last of which feels specifically created to evoke the original Sony Walkman TPS-L2). However, this one, with its newly designed lightweight headphones, was specifically intended for music.

Those interested can purchase the retro-tech from Kickstarter for $75, with delivery estimated to be around December this year.

While it might seem like yesterday you were running around with your Walkman attached to your belt playing your favourite cassette tape over and over again, the revolutionary music player actually celebrated its 40th anniversary this week.

The launch coincided with the original Sony Walkman's 40 birthday on July 1, 1979. So how about enjoying your latest mix tapes with your favorite wireless headphones, or a Bluetooth speaker if that is your thing.

The device will also include a blank tape, considering many people won't have cassettes lying around anymore.

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