2019 iPhone 11 and iPhone XR CAD Renders Leak Again

iPhone 11 range shown off in leaked CAD images

iPhone 11 Drawings May Reveal Detailed Designs

For now of course we'd take all of this with a pinch of salt, but most rumors are now painting the same picture, so there's a high chance that the phones Apple unveils in September will look like these.

If that date becomes a reality then there's not too long to wait for a release and that means the rumours and leaks continue to flood across the web.

Fans may have spotted a swathe of concepts and mock-ups, which show how this design will look, but now there's some new images which give another great view of what might be inbound from the United States technology firm. The phone may not have an ultra-wide lens which should make it a cheaper option than the premium iPhone models.

The next feature that has been confirmed is the camera hump.

Shared by SlashLeaks, you can see that all three handsets (which for now we'll call the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R) have a large notch similar to the one found on the iPhone XS range.

Some other manufacturers have been trying to come up with imaginative ways of hiding this front-facing camera with OnePlus even tucking their selfie snapper inside the phone via a pop-up mechanism.

Three CAD drawings of what are alleged to be the iPhone XI, XI Max and XIR have emerged, and the simple lines and shapes provide strong additional leads in the ongoing mission to spoil everything about the new iPhone before Apple's official reveal. They often give us a very good idea of what the finalized device will look like, though they can also be misleading if they're based on wrong or outdated info. The port is visible in the CAD images, but it's hard to discern whether it's of the USB-C or Lightning variety.

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