Full-sized retro console, The C64, to release later this year

The original Commodore 64

The C64 release date and price revealed, get the reimagined Commodore 64 by Christmas

The desire for retro tech has resulted in the return of one of the iconic machines of the 1980s, namely the mighty Commodore 64. Not satisfied with a Mini version, however, Retro Games is returning with a full-sized recreation of the beloved computer, simply called "The C64". It sold millions of units worldwide, and users still have fond memories of its design and catalog of homebrew games.

A timeless classic is being given a new lease of life with the launch of a full-sized version of THEC64.

It also includes the same collection of games that the C64 Mini has, but to improve gameplay the accurately terrible throwback joystick has been upgraded with new micro switches, so hopefully, it's a little more responsive than its predecessor. This mode includes optional CRT Filters or Screen modes for that extra nostalgia trip. There will be an HDMI output for modern displays and a bunch of pre-installed titles including California Games, Boulder Dash, Paradroid, Hover Bovver, Idris Alpha, Gridrunner, and Attack of the Mutant Camels.

A year ago saw a Mini version of the computer launch in the US. Text adventure Planet of Death will also be included.

TheC64 releases on December 5 and can be preordered in the UK, Germany, and Italy for £110 ($139) or 119 Euros ($135), with more retailers being added soon. "TheC64 full size is a re-imagining of the classic C64 computer and the second in a planned series of products on the way". You can find out more information about it on the official website.

Last year, the C64 Minilaunched, which followed in the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids trend of miniaturising old gaming hardware and pre-loading them with games and software. And the C64 Mini was so small that its replica keyboard couldn't actually be functional - it was one solid piece. Drop your comments below, we'd like to hear your thoughts!

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